About us

An age old story. Founded in 2022, 1 man in his bedroom. Redundancies across every sector and job type, Dan was one of the first to go. 

After what felt like a life time searching for his next opportunity in Talent Acquisition things were looking bleak. Dan at one point applied to be Santa over the festive period. Like we said, bleak.

Rejection letter after rejection letter time and the market was closing in. A decision was made that now was the time to go it alone, to take the risk and finally set up a recruitment company that the industry did not want, but it needed. We are not crying you are.

Let's face it, this is just another recruitment agency, but what we believe is unique about us is our humour, our honesty and the experience we have built up both in TA and agency roles.

Services that we offer:

  • Bespoke headhunting
  • Retained search
  • Embedded Talent Partner (onsite)
  • Group training sessions
  • DE&I strategy & implementation
  • Entry level attraction and hiring
  • Recruitment marketing training and implementation
  • Social media management including Podcasts
  • Hiring Manager interview training
  • Internal Talent Operational improvement including strategy and implementation
  • Job description & advert creation/ implementation
  • Candidate CV coaching and interview training

Let's find your reason to work with us.

Research showed us that you look for specialists when choosing your recruitment partner.

Whilst we agree that specialisms are important we also think that a good recruitment partner or recruiter should be able to work on anything. Afterall we are dealing with people at the end of the day.

Research and experience has also shown us that what you really care about is communication, speed, integrity and no faff (we offer that).

Our founder Dan left the recruitment agency world behind for exactly the above reasons. He did not see candidates as another payday or clients as a barrier to achieve that. So he headed to the other side to internal recruitment so that he could itch those scratches we spoke about above.

Hence the use of BFF in all the branding as that is what we aim to be. Your best friend forever (in a business context). You wouldn't mess around your friends, like we won't with you. Promise.

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